Circuit (2001)

Description: The hunky John is a closeted small-town cop who moves to L.A., where he is quickly seduced into the gay life of workouts and dusk-to-dawn parties. With actual circuit party footage and mounds of glistening and chiseled flesh, the pulsating Circuit is bound to get your juices flowing.
Director: Dirk Shafer
Writer: Dirk Shafer (writer), Gregory Hinton (writer)
Actors: Jonathan Wade-Drahos, Andre Khabbazi, Brian Lane Green, Kiersten Warren, Darryl Stephens, William Katt, Nancy Allen, Bruce Vilanch, Daniel Kucan, Jim J. Bullock, Randal Kleiser, Paul Lekakis, Michael Bailey Smith, Stanton Schnepp, Brian Beacock
Runtime: 130 min
Language: English
Genres: Romance, Drama

FileSize: 1.32 GB



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