Caught In A Landslide (2017)

Description: What does it truly feel like to be lonely? A boy ravished, worn and depleted encounters a journey in his mind. Through a combination of pharmaceuticals and alcohol, Jay walks through the lost memories of true love. Tonight, he will walk in the wilting greenhouse that was the backdrop to his summer romance, he’ll watch the water run beneath the blue bridge and he’ll meet his familiar resident ghost. In a film that combines imagery, poetry and the reality of loss; caught in a Landslide takes the viewer from the beauty of ‘England’s garden’ to the darkness of a broken mind that so many have endured. Based on the book ‘A Vision of Life’ by Jay Proctor; LGBT actor and director Wade Radford returns, in an arthouse collaboration with Wesley Strong. Sometimes dreams can be turned upside down, and sometimes a vision of life is just that – a vision.
Director: Wade Radford, Wesley Strong
Writer: Wade Radford
Actors: Robbie Manners, Wade Radford, Zachary Oden
Runtime: 64 min
Language: English
Genres: Drama

FileSize: 1.18 GB



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