Bros On Bikes (2012)

Description: Two gay bikers unearth a mysterious artifact while performing an archaeological dig at a remote river. A peculiar disc jockey living in the same town with a fancy of the supernatural and conjuring spirits. Whether it be the strange artifact or the work of the disc jockey, the town of Mayor’s Cove, run by a prejudice government, now has a strange albino black drifter from the Voodoo Dolls motorcycle gang wreaking havoc on the Krackers gang. Chock full of violence, rebellion, homosexuality and voodoo, “Bros on Bikes” is unlike any motion picture of its genre!
Director: Charles E. Cullen
Writer: Charles E. Cullen
Actors: Charles E. Cullen, Nelson Oliver, Zombie
Runtime: 177 min
Language: English
Genres: Adventure, Horror, Comedy

FileSize: 1.21 GB



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