Boswellia Sacra (2022) Serbian (English Subtitle) (Short Film)

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Description: Inspired by true events. ”Boswellia sacra” is a short feature film about nature which draws a parallel between the environment and the protection of human rights; about the law of nature that is constantly being violated by man; about Vukasin Drakulic, a thirty-year-old young man who comes to realize this relationship. Can a person escape his own nature and the one that surrounds him.
Director: Stefan M. Mladenovic
Writer: Dragana Jovanovic, Stefan M. Mladenovic
Actors: Duda Burzujka, Dejan Gocic, Dragana Jovanovic
Runtime: 30 min
Language: Serbian
Genres: Short, Drama
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FileSize: 428.21 MB



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