Bayaw (Brothers-In-Law) (2009) Tagalog (English Subtitle)

Description: This film is about violence, flashes of naked men’s bodies, the hint of homosexuality, violence, murder, stealing, fighting, poverty, murder, flashes of men’s naked bodies and more violence.It is a tortured, contorted, bizarre combination of the same straight/gay/poverty world that is seen in every “gay” film that comes out of the Philippines. An intriguing cover is all this movie has going for it. It looks like it was shot on an iPhone and that most of the people in the background were not “hired extras.”There is nothing uplifting, encouraging, enriching or moving in the 80 poorly shot minutes. There is about 10-15 seconds of something that gives the illusion of being erotically charged… and then it’s over just as quickly.This is only something to fast forward through, and even that is a waste of time.
Director: Monti Parungao
Writer: Danio Caw, Monti Parungao
Actors: Paolo Rivero, Janvier Daily, Andrew Miguel
Runtime: 81 min
Language: Filipino, Tagalog
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

FileSize: 964 MB



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