All Yours (2014) French (English Subtitle)

Description: A penniless Argentine male escort meets a solitary, lonely Belgian baker who wants to help him leave the world of prostitution, explores intimate gay relationship.
Director: David Lambert
Writer: David Lambert (writer), Hélène Girard (co-writer)
Actors: Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Monia Chokri, Jean-Michel Balthazar, Augustin Legrand, Vittoria Scognamiglio, Achille Ridolfi, Anne-Marie Loop, Jean-Michel Charlier, Michel Adam, Philippe Burette, Karim Ait Ahmed, Alex Schelstraete, Axel Cornil, Benjamin Boutboul, Jean-Sebastien Biche
Runtime: 102 min
Language: French
Genres: Comedy, Drama

FileSize: 1003.55 MB



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