Above It All (2015) Lao (English Subtitle)

Description: Noy, a male medical graduate who seems to lead a perfect life, is pressured by his parents to marry his beautiful rich girlfriend. When he can no longer deny and hide his sexual preference, he risks the consequences to tell his parents the truth. At the same time, Noy, a Hmong woman from a poor family in Xiengkhouang province, looks forward to celebrating her graduation after a long struggle to support herself in Vientiane. However, her parents’ arrival brings not the joy she expected, but the need to decide whether to remain in Vientiane with her musician crush or get married overseas in order to repay her parents’ debt.
Director: Anysay Keola
Writer: Anysay Keola (writer)
Actors: Athit Silavong, Soukhanith Inthavong, Bie Lauj, Hema Vilaisane, Chanthasone Thavixay, Sonexay Keomanivong
Runtime: 96 min
Language: Lao
Genres: Drama

FileSize: 993.28 MB



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