7 Minutes (2020) French (English Subtitle)

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Description: Jean discovers his son Maxime and his boyfriend hanged in a hotel room. According to the post-mortem, Maxime died from an overdose of GHB exactly seven minutes after his boyfriend. Jean will start to investigate further to find out more details, ending up in an infamous club where he will meet Fabien, who will change his life forever.
Director: Ricky Mastro
Writer: Ricky Mastro (writer), Ricky Mastro (idea), Ricky Mastro (story developer), Laura Saulnier (story developer), Fabien Carlo (story developer), Fabien Carlo (writers’ assistant)
Actors: Antoine Herbez, Clément Naline, Valentin Malguy, Paul Arvenne, Cédrick Spinassou, Robin Larroque, Valérie Prudent, Nicolas Lainé, Martine Nograbt, Noé Reboul, Yohan Levy, Sylvain Jouret, Romain Gourrand, Kevin Gourrand, Thibault Filippi
Runtime: 80 min
Language: French
Genres: Drama

FileSize: 1.12 GB



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