All Male, All Nude: Johnsons (2019) (Documentary)

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Description: Journey into the unique world of male stripping at a small gay strip club located in America’s Second Gayest City per capita in this follow up to the popular 2017 feature documentary All Male, All Nude. All Male, All Nude: Johnsons is set in Florida’s newest gay strip club, Johnsons, located in Wilton Manors, Florida and new home to the creator and owner of Johnsons – Matt Colunga, an award-winning body builder, who has been in the male entertainment industry for 23 years and was introduced in the first film. From 42-year-old Matt, to 26-year-old Alexander, who spends his days dressed as Spider-Man creating early memories for children at kid parties and spends his nights stripping down to his G-String for gay men, to single fathers and young men putting themselves through college with their stripping income, to entertainers in the adult film world – the men who compose the heart of Johnsons are diverse, unique and captivating.
Director: Gerald McCullouch
Writer: Gerald McCullouch (writer)
Actors: Matt Colunga, Evan Peix, Sean Harding, Michael Garcia, Matt Frank, Gary Resnick
Runtime: 83 min
Language: English
Genres: Documentary

FileSize: 2.39 GB



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